About Dr. Garcia


Irma L. Garcia, DDS

Dr. Irma Garcia was raised in a military family in Alameda, CA. She received her undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University and her doctorate degree at the University of California, San Francisco. She was an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF for 10 years.

Dr. Garcia is a trained specialist in pediatric dentistry recognized by the American academy of pediatric dentistry, having completed a two year residency at Children's Hospital in Oakland, CA.  She has practiced her specialty for 22 years.  Dr. Garcia’s training in hospital dentistry allows her to provide treatment for children under general anesthesia.  She is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Garcia feels blessed to be married to her best friend, Eric Fromer M.D. They are the proud parents of their three children Elena, Clark and Benji.  Elena keeps her mom up to date with the latest technology and fashion trends.  While her two sons’ keep her actively involved in the Boy Scout Organization.  She also enjoys being a Sunday school teacher at her church.  In her spare time, she loves gardening alongside her family, chickens and cat “Wolfie.”

Dr. Garcia’s passion for dentistry and love for others allows her to connect with both patients and parents.  She provides care to her patients in the same manner she would for her own children.  Her positive, down-to-earth and caring personality coupled with her experience as a mother has driven her practical approach in dentistry.