What Sets Us Apart

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. At Rolling Hills Pediatric Dentistry, our smiles are just the first thing you’ll notice that makes our office a step above the rest. Our mission is to make visits to the dentist as positive as possible!

Conservative Treatment Approach

We offer alternative restorative techniques that enable our doctors to be extremely conservative in their diagnoses, as well as their treatment of cavities. We are not just treating the teeth, we are treating the little person attached to those teeth and their emotional well being. We always take a non-invasive approach that includes monitoring small lesions, increasing visits to perform fluoride treatments, and if treatment is necessary, performing it in a way that does not risk causing your child pain. 

Fun Office Environment

Our kid-friendly office has various activities for all age groups. We have an open-bay concept, which allows patients to be surrounded by children or teenagers their own age; however, we also have private rooms for patients and families who prefer to be in a more secluded and quiet environment.

Making Your Child Comfortable

Many kids fear the unknown. We understand this, which is why we take our time to make the unfamiliar into something familiar and less scary. We talk with each patient before every procedure to explain what we’re going to do, why we’re going to do it, and what’s going to happen. We allow them to see, feel and hear our instruments. We make sure each child is at ease with our office environment and we proceed at a comfortable pace. We do not "hold" kids down or do anything by force. We go at their pace and earn their trust. We are children advocates and do not play an authoritarian role. This way they keep willingly coming back and we earn their trust. We are happy when they are happy!

An Exceptional Team

Our doctor along with our team, love getting to know our patients. We spend time visiting with them, learning about their interests, and encouraging them to talk with us. Since we take the time to create and foster trust, children learn we’re good people who are here to help.

For more information about the dental care we offer and to schedule an appointment, please call our Fairfield, CA office. We look forward to getting to know you and your family!

Patient Testimonials
“Wonderful staff who are extremely nice and patient with my twins! I would recommend Rolling Hills Dentistry to all families with kids! Always great service no matter what type of dental needs my kids have!” ~ Karen J. “Hands down the best pediatric dentistry I have ever taken my kids to. The dental assistant made the experience fun for my daughter and took the time to explain everything she did and every tool she used.” ~ Ali B. “Absolutely LOVE Rolling Hills Pediatric Dentistry. They do an excellent job of putting the kids at ease, talking to them about the procedure, showing them what will be done as well any and all instruments that will be used. They never proceed until the child AND the parent is comfortable and always talk TO the child, not AT the child. I HIGHLY recommend Rolling Hills Pediatric Dentistry.” ~ Maria K.